South Dakota Bound and weather

Visit a Ranch, Cowboy Coffee, and snow

Weather? Yes, we had weather. Clouds, rain and wind — then snow. We worried all along the way about the forecast of snow on the passes. Would it accumulate too deep to allow this low riding, overloaded vehicle to pass through? Would we decide to stay someplace before our destination of Billngs Montana to wait out a snow storm?
We decided to find something to do to wait for the day to warm up a bit and see how that might affect the weather. Heading for the Prison (for a visit) we saw a sign for the Grant-Kohrs Ranch, and what a great visit we had. First the Visitor Center to see what this was all about.


There were a few outbuildings near the center and some fields to view.

But the best part was a visit the the Farm and House that was about a half mile walk up a trail. 


No photos and no touching of anything inside the house as they were authentic antiques. Conrad Kohrs came from Germany to find his fortune and he did so by becoming the Cattle King of Montana. He acquired (from Johnny Grant), and ranched 30,000 acres of land in southwest Montana in 1860s

Not being. from the West, I learned quite a bit about ranching: I always wondered how cattlemen knew which cow to brand when they were out in the field. Mama cow will always come to protect her baby, and when that happened the cowboy would yell out the brand evidenced on mama, and the iron would be brought out of the fire to properly brand that baby. For a long time the cattle roamed and fed on the open range but came the time to fence them in. That took away much of the feed that kept the cattle alive and well. Ranchers had to figure out the hay thing — growing it, gathering it, storing it and making it available to the cattle.
With the house tour done, we would be offered some cowboy coffee by the cook at the chuck wagon.


The cook was the most important member in the field. I am not a coffee drinker, and have not had cowboy coffee. When in Rome, do as they do, so I had a small cup of the coffee on this day.

It is simply coffee grounds put into the bottom of the pot, covered with water and set onto the fire to boil. I don’t know if it was the technique or the brand of coffee, but I liked it quite a bit. But still will not become a coffee drinker.

Back on the road after a full couple of hours of touring, we would face the snow forecast. Didn’t make it to the Prison and will try to hit that on the way home.

We crossed the Continental Divide in the snow and stopped at the top just because.

Brenda made us a snowman
Bette-Ann walked out for a photo op
Not quite Christmas, but it could be ;’-)

All our worries were unfounded as the snow was light and little to no accumulation on the roads which did not become icy. 

Next stop — lunch.

Wheat Montana

Great soup and roll before continuing on to Billings where we would stay the night with Linda’s college friends Claire and Jack. I failed to get photos of the huge-a-mongous (to use a word from the Grands) motor home where three of us slept. The fourth opted for the couch in the house. Next morning Claire fixed us breakfast of the eggs that come from her chickens. Can’t get any fresher than that.

4 thoughts on “South Dakota Bound and weather”

  1. I’ve been to the ranch. Ursula and I were there in 2010 when we went to Yellowstone, Tetons, and were on our way to Superior Montana to go rafting. We were able to tell the folks there what one of the spices were in the spice shelf. Remember, that they were German. I’m off to an island off the coast of Maine today for the week — birds. Enjoy!


    1. Thanks Deborah — enjoy your bird hunting in Maine. That Ranch visit was very nice indeed. I think I do recall that you and Ursula went rafting together over here.
      Thanks for your reply to my blog.


  2. What a marvelous day this was. It all sounded so interesting. Loved all the pictures, especially the “Cristmas Tree”. Hard to imagine here to have all that snow in September over there. Good thing You are used to that kind of weather. I think. ☃💨🌬


    Sent from my iPad



    1. We did have a marvelous day. We are not so very used to snow — especially in September. And the few times we do get snow in the winter it does not amount to much (usually) and melts rather quickly. But — who knows what this winter will bring!


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