States 1, 2 and 3…

With all the wild fires in Washington, BC and Montana, we had smoke filled sky for much of today. But we Bandlands Four would carry on. Our destination is Custer South Dakota where we will join the Road Scholar bike tour along the Michelson Trail. Linda offered her Prius as the transport vehicle and we jammed in our luggage and gear.

At our pre-trip meeting we even practiced putting in our four suitcases and saw we had PLENTY of room for helmets and the extras we would need that did not fit into our suitcase. Well, empty suitcases take up a lot less room than (over)filled ones. Fortunately Linda had uncovered a secret compartment under the suitcase platform where we could fit in that extra stuff. And good thing that Brenda’s husband Bill was there to help us figure out the puzzle and jam those suitcases into their spot! Now we were ready to get on the road.

THE BADLANDS FOUR: Bette-Ann, Linda, Nancy, Brenda

First day on the road would get us through Washington and Idaho to Missoula Montana where we would spend our first night.

The Hampton Inn kept its promise and made us happy with great rooms and full, tasty breakfast. Ready for tomorrow ;’-)

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