HOT is the word. Very hot. On the way back from Fish Creek the car thermometer registered 103!! HOT. Thank goodness we have an air conditioner in our little tent camper. It had trouble cooling it off in the high afternoon heat, but made sleeping quite comfortable.

Maura & Carl host an annual fishing outing for the club at their cabin on the Clark Fork River in Superior. This is where we were during the fire I blogged about a few years ago. ( — July 2013

They open their second home to one and all for camping, or to stay indoors on first to come first to get the limited bed space in the cabin.

Many, if not most, of the participants float the river in one of the many drift boats that arrive. Susan has done that a few times in the past, and has determined it is not a favorite for her. This is prime fishing country and there are many options for the fishing people. Susan and I drove out to Fish Creek for the morning where she could do some “wet wading” fishing.

I don’t fish and since Susan likes company she is willing to set me up in our backpacking screen tent while she wades in the river for those fish. She caught two good size ones — one cutthroat and one Rainbow. She was happy.

Back at the cabin we had a delightful dinner prepared by Maura and Carl. Their grandson Tilman is here for the weekend. He has formed a bonding friendship with Sonata who lives next door.

I have not been able nor willing to ride much in this heat, but I did get in a few miles this morning. I rode to Dry Creek campground where Susan picked my up to drive to a fishing hole where she could catch some ;’–). Afterward we stopped in St. Regis for a Huckleberry Milk Shake before heading home. At the gas station at the entrance to Superior I got back in the saddle for another few miles for the day. Some of my bike sightings on the way out and then in and around the back streets of town:

Old Tractors never die, they just become mailbags holders.

Use …the….bottle….let…someone …else…use the…throttle…

A shop named “Outpost”

…and lastly, the smartest dog in town…

It’s just the kind of day it is — not even dog days!

I saw the smart dog stepping one foot at a time into the kiddie pool and he stopped mid-foot to look at me. I passed by and rode around the block, stopped a little away and surreptitiously got out my camera so s/he wouldn’t notice. 

This about wraps up our current adventure.We will be packing up early in the morning to get a good start home, hopefully making it all the way in one day. It has been a fun, interesting and Hot time!!! Thanks for joining me.

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