At the entrance of the ranger station is the largest known grizzly bear … stuffed.

That was the second time for this bear to be hit by a car — first time was in 1996 and he was rescued and repaired. Not so in 2007 when he was 12 years old.

Chatting with the staff at the Ranger station informed us to two things: 

…The parade beer still exists! It was simply that they had run out of beer way before they got to the end which is where we opted to sit this year. At least we know the strange and fun tradition lives on. Only in Montana!

…The Scuplture Park across the road would be an interesting visit for us. So off we went.

Artists come from many countries to add to the intriguing sculptures here. At this time the visiting artist is from Finland.

The trails take us by many works of art and these are the ones we found most interesting.

A partial work of art.
The Picture Frame
The Whirlpool

This “East West” Sculpture could be a walkway to one of the huts we saw at Hidden Village in Holland.

Hill & Valley…

Made of: 30,000 pounds of newspapers; 28 lodge poles, 400 pounds of nails.

That’s recycling at its finest!

And finally, the wrapped tree log…

These two posts (Parade & Sculpture Park) are what I lost in the “crash”. So you can see the time it took to do them, and the frustration (and anger) it caused when I lost it all. I’m better now, with the help of friends, and will do more posting later. There is the Rivers Edge Trail along the Missouri River to tell you about ;’-) Later….

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