The 4th of July Parade is a big thing in Lincoln. Apparently a huge social event for the townspeople as they linger long after the parade has ended, stay at their chairs and trucks, beers in hand, kind of partying with friends. Most seem to stay until the rodeo begins down the road in about another hour or so.

Four years ago we were “flabbergasted” when a couple of parade floats handed out beer to onlookers! Would they d

o that again?Let’s see.

Where is that parade…

The Parade begins.

Horses are a big thing in Montana (and guns actually)…

Some people dress up whether in the parade or not…

We have twirlers, and a local band…

And we learn the populatio of Lincoln..

But here is the cutest of all in the parade …

No beer? Has this “tradition” been slaughtered by the county rules as the bystander behind us said? Oh no.

 We had attended the rodeo the last time we were here, and since it is not “our thing” we passed it up this year, went back to our campsite for some relaxing and then went to the Ranger Station. Next page.

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