5.8! And 4.5 aftershocks. At about 12:30 last night Susan and I slept through this earthquake that rattled Missoula and was more severe in Lincoln where we had stayed last week. Fortunately there was no severe damage and no injuries there. Our hosts, Vicki and Ray, were woken by it as their bed rocked and rolled rather a lot. At first Susan said she had not been aware of it, nor had she felt it. She gradually recalled seeing me shaking, rather a lot, and being concerned of what I was going through. She put her hand on me and I stopped shaking just like that. I vaguely remember her touching me but was in my sleep mode and didn’t awaken. She fell right back to sleep. So maybe when the big one comes it will be in the middle of the night and I won’t even know it. My mom always said that I could “sleep through a war”. I guess she may have been right.

During our couple of days staying here in Missoula I have taken a couple of neighborhood bike rides in the sun! Hot days seem to drain me and I was done in after yesterday’s ride. 

You know you are riding out in the west when you meander along Round Up Rd, turn onto Lariat Loop, and finish up on Branding Iron Drive.

An interesting mail box on one of those roads.

Now that I have had help deciding to return to blogging, I have some catch up to do. This post is to shout out about the earthquake, as well as a shout out to our friends Ray and Vicki who are our grand hosts. We so enjoy our time with them. I am now off to more posting ;’-).

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