Enter Montana

Well, before we enter Montana, I want to post a photo of some of my bike buddies.

We sing Happy Birthday to you ;’-)

On the day before Susan and I left for Montana, I joined this crew for Cindy’s birthday ride. It was her 60th and she wanted to ride 60 miles ;’-) We all completed those miles on the Centennial Trail and were very proud of ourselves.

Next day, bright and early, we left for Montana. Mostly it was a driving day as we made about 575 miles to the town of Lincoln. Since we arrived a bit late in the day we opted to get a room at the “Historic Lincoln Hotel”.

The sheriff would be watching over us.
The Lincoln Log Hotel


Though we did not choose to stay in one of the haunted rooms, there was a room set up across from ours that may have had someone from the deep past staying there.

Our room had the western touch as well.

After dinner we took a walk around town and revisited some of the sites we were familiar with from our trip here four years ago. Four years already — seems like “yesterday”. For that trip we had our neighbor’s family cabin loaned to us for the week. Right on the Blackfoot where Susan loved the fishing.

A tribute to the miners from decades ago, this is in someone’s backyard.
Part of the Blackfoot River.

The following morning we would needed to scout out a place to camp. We spent the day driving around the countryside exploring fishing rivers and streams and campgrounds. The place it PACKED for the 4th of July Holiday. We took the only vacant camp site at the edge of town. Not ideal as it is very near the highway, has no shade and lots of RVs all around us. But it is close to everything. Of course “everything” lies within the mile and a half long main street of town. The town is small and getting 10 miles of biking means doing circles around some residential areas and back and forth into town. That’s about what we did to end our day.

A lot of places in this small town are for sale and closed down since we were here four years ago. Seeming like it is becoming almost a ghost town. Sad that my little coffee/wifi place where I spent tons of time, did not make it either. It was new then and is gone now.

(Wifi is (frustratingly) not readily available to me, so blog posts will be slow in the making! Maybe I’ll get back to this Starbucks in Great Falls tomorrow ;’-). I have 4th of July and a Sculpture park to write about).

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