Wrapping Up Amsterdam

This is our last day here. Fittingly, we ended basically as we began — by taking the free 5 minute ferry that Francien had taken us on our first tour day. Today we walked around a bit near where we had ridden on that day.

The ferry is always crowded.

As we walked through a little park and stood looking at the duck babies and coot babies, I got a lot of luck on the way. A bird pooped on my head!

Susan — is it all gone?

At the landing we couldn’t help but get a photo of swingers at the top of the high rise building.

After our ferry boat excursion we — guess what — walked some more around town.

More of those shutters I find so colorful. Looks like the inside is red and the outside is black.

Looking back at some photos from when we first arrived in Amsterdam I found that I had not posted the “hook” photo.

This is the only way to get big items such as furniture up to the top floor apartment.

Let’s talk a little about bikes. Bikes are simply a way of life in Holland and that is especially apparent in Amsterdam. Bikes are used as transportation to work, to school, to move things or make deliveries, for shopping and other errands, and to meet friends for visits. I suppose not too surprisingly, bike theft is very high in Amsterdam.

One must have a sturdy lock. In addition, most use the “Dutch” lock that simply locks your rear wheel in place.

This Sunday morning Susan and I took a quiet time walk after breakfast. Here are just a few of the different types of bikes we had in just a few blocks.

As long as the car next to it.

One needs a place for her drink.
Three can ride as easily as one .
Hard to impossible to see the child’s seat and windshield on this one, so I included the next one.
Remember this kiddo from one of our coffee stops on tour?

On the way back from the ferry we saw this…

And on the way home from dinner there was this guy transporting some folding chairs…

At the end of the day Susan started hunting for an Indonesian restaurant where we could experience a “rice table”. They serve several (about 12) small plates of traditional fare. Indonesia was a Dutch colony for two centuries and the food has been integrated into the Dutch culture. Neither of us had had this experience before and enjoyed that. Food was so-so.

So there we are — final day, final walks and final dinner in Amsterdam. We will be on a midmorning flight home, which means leaving our hotel very early for the required arrival FOUR hours before international flights! This will most likely be my final post for this adventure. For those who have followed along, thanks for enjoying it with us. Next adventure will be fishing and biking in Montana near the end of June, so come back.

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