We biked today — in Amsterdam…

Susan had to coerce me into biking in the city! As much as I bike, I seldom bike in a city — much more a country girl than a city girl. ;’-) There are wonderful lanes and paths for biking all through Amsterdam, and at any very busy intersection with trams, buses, walkers, cyclists it all works fine. That of course is because everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Everyone but me! So I did some walking along this bike ride in the city.

Our bikes for an adventure…

Of course Susan took the photo when there was little to no traffic around me!

The distance to the Rijks Museum is fairly short by bike, but does have those obstacles I mentioned, plus road work, deliveries and parented with kids as well as students.  

A lull in the traffic at the museum

We locked up the bikes — with two locks each — and found our way to the entrance for an extensive visit.

We got to see Rembrandt’s world famous Night Watch

There was a card outlining many interesting parts to the painting. I don’t know if this is readable if you enlarge it.

Susan found a Delft violin made — for display only.

And an old war ship…

I sat for a rest in the great hall. Soon I was weary from all the walking, standing and viewing.

We stopped at the garden on the way out and found the fountain being used by actual people inside of it.

And soon it was time to bike home.

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