Bruges — or Brugge (as the Dutch pronounce it)

Our plans for the post-Bike & Barge tour were “loose”. A possibility that we tossed around was to take the train to Bruges and spend a couple of nights.Once we found the cost of train and hotel nights, we reconsidered and decided to stay in Amsterdam with some local tours and day trips. During our canal boat tour we discovered a day tour to Bruges possibility. We signed up for the tour and went there for the day yesterday.

It was a perfect tour for us. The bus took three hours each way, our guide spent the first 45 minutes taking us through the town on a walking excursion and pointed out the interesting sights and things we might want to do on our own for the remaining four hours in town.

Bruges has architecturally beautiful old stone and brick buildings. So many that it is difficult to decide on what to take photos of.

Old Hospital

City Hall

Bruges is known for its Beer, Chocolates and Lace (and, Susan says, French Fries)

I enjoyed mussels and French fries.
Susan enjoyed two different kinds of beer, each served in its assigned glass. One in the tulip glass, the second in the chalice.

Another item one might consider Bruges famous for is the waffle!

Waffles with the works! Yummmmmmm…

Having not spent the cost of a two day trip to Bruges, we spent the money in a different way. We splurged for a supreme hotel room which is a delight to us after roughing it in those two mini walk-ups. The Sint Nicolaas Hotel is also much closer to the train station for our trip to the airport early Monday morning. And it serves breakfast which we are about to leave our room for. 

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