For no Reason

They say I don’t need a reason, so I won’t belabor the point that Susan and I decided on taking another day off from riding to relax on the boat. It is allowing us time to sort our stuff for packing tonight — and experimenting with what we might send home when we get to Amsterdam.

Though the end of any tour is always bitter sweet, I am ready to move on and to say our goodbyes for this time. Through doing this trip, I may have convinced Susan to do another in the relatively near future. Next year Ralph and Carol are leading  a Bike & Barge from Bruges to Paris — it’s a thought!

We will spend tonight on the boat in Amsterdam, get to our hotel tomorrow and in another day, research a possible train trip to Bruges to spend some time there before returning for our Monday flight home. There are some logistics to figure out today once we land in port, then we spend our final night and final dinner aboard the Lena Maria.

Map of the Netherlands. Holland is made of two provinces on the left.

Every evening after dinner, Francien would take a group of us on a walk around the town or village, showing the sights and telling the history of where we were. Tonight after dinner Francien took us for a walk to the train station for a lesson on getting our ticket and how to take the train to the airport. 

Now on to the next part of our trip.

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