Back in Amsterdam

Though I was having a touch of remorse about not riding yesterday, it turns out that it was a good thing not to ride. Susan and I spent a good amount of time sorting some (now) superfluous bike clothing to send home. We were able to scavenge and small box from the kitchen staff and stuff it full. We could have sent more but — small box, no room. Upon reaching port in Amsterdam we followed Ginny and family to the Smart mart where we could send off the package. There are no post offices in Holland anymore so finding a place from which to send a package needs research, and our companions had done the work.

A few hours later the cyclists rolled in after a little bit of a windy but enjoyable ride. We had our farewell dinner with some kind words shared by some, and hoisting a toast to all. After this morning’s breakfast on the boat we each went on our way. AND — we were having our first rainy day with high winds included. Some went directly to the airport for their flight home, some found their hotel for another night or two stay, and we went on for a visit to the Nationsl Maritime Museum,  a perfect activity for this blustery day.

The museum is a real highlight for both of as we very much enjoyed it. Though it seems I have included a lot of photos here, it does not touch the amount of things in the museum.

Those of us staying in town would not be able to check in to our hotel this early and Captain Ton was nice enough to allow us to leave our luggage aboard the Lean Maria while we toured close by. After at least two hours in the museum we picked up our suitcase and walked into the Central part of town to find the hotel we had booked when we were here earlier. It is, as was our first hotel, a small space with a huge stairway as entry — then a anohter winding stairway to our floor. But at least we have a spot and will relax and regroup on this not such a wonderful weather day.

We had thought we might travel to Bruges, but are reconsidering that option. More on that as we make up our minds ;’-)

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