A Day on the Boat

We dithered. We were actuallly about to mount our bikes when Susan gave an option of a day off! Normallly, on our tours in the  past, we would take a day off the bikes after the 6th or 7th day of riding. Yesterday was our 7th day, so a rest day seemed due ;’-) It turned out that half of our tour group did not ride today. 

Ginny, Lillian and Chris enjoy the views.

Susan and I took a morning stroll through Deventer where I sat at a cafe outdoor table for tea and to post yesterday’s blog, before returning to the boat for our cruise to meet up with our bike buddies. The morning seems to have flown by as we approach lunch time aboard the Lena Maria for our picnic lunch.

The cruise along the river was oh so relaxing and enjoyable. 

Captain Ton belongs to Quintus, who is enjoying us being aboard for the day — even seems to be smiling for a photo

We had a little fashion show by Carolyn & Ginny of their clothing finds in town.

JoAnne gets photos as we enter Kampen.

Will we make it under the bridge?

Of course Captain Ton would know we could ;’-)

We pulled into the town of Kampen and took another town walk. Shops, Saturday Market, Marching Band, People viewing, and Herring eating.

Cleaning and eating of the herring…

Shopping Dutch style…

And I complain about not having my bike shoes & pedals!

(Photos dock at Kampen & people)

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