Het Loo Palace — and friends in Holland

Once again our ride took us on flat country roads through small, picturesque villages and farms with horses, ponies, sheep, cows, and this time a few pigs. From our boat in the town of Anhern we made our way to Apeldoorn and then to Deventer. 

In Apeldoorn we visited the Het Loo Palace and had our picnic lunch and walk through the grounds and buildings. For those who are museum and garden enthusiasts, I am sorry to disappoint with very few photos.  I have visited quite a few castles, museums and gardens in my travels, and my interest level has now waned. I did take a few photos as indication that we were there ;’-)

Along our trail we came upon a buried Sherman Tank. I don’t know the story here as the information post was written in Dutch, but it was an interesting thing to see.

The stork nest was another interesting sighting. It is its own palace.

Susan and I had met Anja and Jan years ago on our bike tour on Prince Edward Island. The four of us are trying to recall how many years ago it has been — we think between 10-15 — and are each going to look into our written personal stories to determine the year. We have exchanged Christmas cards all of these years and we wrote to let them know we would be in Holland, where they live, during these couple of weeks. They arranged to drive to Deventer to meet us on the boat and go to dinner in town. We had the most pleasant couple of hours with them and feel that we have revived an ongoing friendship. They do a lot of travel, and chances are good that they will be in the states again sometime in the near future and we will get to see them again.

Along our route today we had, of course a coffee stop and saw this little guy — on the kiddie seat with the windshield protection.

And learned more history of the war.

I couldn’t resist a photo of the booted trash bin on the waterfront by our boat. Keep the feet dry.

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