Bicycles Rule

Picture a huge car garage with several stories and park bikes only on those floors. Now, I would say, double that vision you have. That may approximate the numbers of bicycles in many parking garages in Holland, especially in the big cities. Bikes have always served to get to work, to school, for visiting, for errands and any other purpose. And they continue to be used by the Dutch.

Bikes are given the right of way as if they are a car — even by pedestrians and bulls — and follow the same rules as do cars. 

And everyone gets along just fine with no horn honking, no impatient drivers, and the correct people giving the correct right of way.

Today we cycled through thick-treed forests on unpaved but very hard packed trail. My regret is that in such a group ride, I could not stop to take any photos of our route through the forests on our way to the Hoge Veluwe Park. But I did get a photo of Doug being loved by the dogs at our coffee & snack stop. He says it was his peanut butter sandwich.

The miles of trail in the park allow only walking or biking. So there are “white bikes” provided free for anyone to use.
About our bikes. We are provided with bike, helmet, water bottle and pannier. The Dutch style bike is at first challenging to get accustomed to, but porvide a very comfortable ride.

My initial issue was around the use of flat pedals. We were told to not bring our clipless pedals and shoes. At this time, I am not sure why, and see that one person did bring, and uses, his. Without my pedal system I am not too good at getting started from a standstill (such as at traffic signals, stop signs, rest breaks, etc.), and was quite the complainer (to Susan). We could bring Powergrips, but needed to bring those attached to a pedal. For several reasons, I chose to not bring those. Two of our riding companions brought theirs, and though Kristi loved hers, Andy did not. So he loaned them to me. 

There was an initial learning curve for the Powergrips, but once I got dialed in, they have made a much more comfortable riding situation for me. Thank you Andy.

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