Holland Hot and Happy 2

Still hot — still happy ;’-)

A delightful day in the country side. Delightful bucolic ride along a dike that took us through farmland and farms amongst the many animals: a horse standing next to its newborn so young it had not gotten up for its first steps yet; adorable ponies with their teeny little offspring following them along; sheep, shorn and not; and “Oreo” cows. What a morning.

Then we took another free five minute ferry ride to the quiet (no shops open yet except for the bakery, oh my) town of Culemborg.

The cycling group of school children were on a field trip learning about WWII. How good a lesson is that! And by bicycle. Of courst the Dutch are born to bicycling so they each and all have a bike and — in working order. It warms ones heart to see this group of youngsters enjoying learning and ridng their bikes as second nature.

We had our lunch at a place that served Dutch Pancakes, so even though we had packed our lunch on the boat, Susan and I (and several others) chose to try a pancake — bacon and apple for us was very good.

Jeannie and Carol found a shaded spot

Tom rested not JUST because he was tired. He was feeling poorly most of the day.

Time to head home to our boat so we could shower and make it to the appointment for our working Winmill tour! We are so busy. I will try for more about that tomorrow as I think I have used up my allotted mbs for this round of wifi time.

Ending this hot and happy day ;’-)

2 thoughts on “Holland Hot and Happy 2”

  1. As usual, enjoy your pictures and stories Nancy, SO glad you and Susan are having such a wonderful time in Holland. What luxury to have someone take care of your flat tire for you! Happy travels!


    1. Thanks Cindy. Sorry for the late reply, but as you may see in my blog post, wifi is very limited on the boat, and the amount we can send. I now carry my iPad with me to accesses wifi wherever I can when we make our stops. We have another 3 days of cycling and then on our own for some exploring for 6 more days! May be a bit too long, but we might just like it!


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