Holland Hot and Happy 1

It has been challenging to keep up with posting here. First we have “limited” wifi accessibility which means we have it for 24 hours from when we begin. Then we need to wait until that initial begin time for access to start again. It took me a while to get this through my brain, and to shut down some unnecessary apps that absorb some of that time. Secondly — by the time we get to the boat after our ride, we have enough time to shower, get to dinner, have our meeting about the next day, take a group walk around the town or village and go to bed. 

So here I am, a couple of days behind, so to avoid posting too many photos at once, I will make this a two part edition. Our boat rides the canal next to our bike route today…

Along our tour we heard some interesting stories from our guide about windmills. And on this day we passed by several of them. 
Years ago there were about 20,000 windmills in the Netherlands, now there are around 2,000. Modern more efficient equipment has taken over. Back in the day, towns had a type of sign language using the windmills. Depending on where the arms were (straight up, to the left, to the right, crossed) one would learn if the happy occasion they knew of from church (a baby due, a death, a marriage) had happened. During the war, when many Jews were hiding out in Dutch farms, the windmill would broadcast a message if the Germans were on the way to investigate if there were any around. Though it didn’t work 100% of the time, it worked some of the time. That is my favorite story.

Traveling on, we got to stop in this little town for ice cream and got to watch some of the boats (little sailors included) make it through the locks.

Moving along to our lunch stop we came upon a young woman lying on the ground — looking unconscious. Turns out that she and her boyfriend collided on their bikes. Francine, schooled in First Aid, was quick to stop and clean up her wounds and give here aid until someone came along to help her. At the time we stopped, I notice that my (rear of course) tire was flat, so while Francine attended to the woman, Ralph and Rob attended to my tire ;’-)
We had a delightful lunch stop along — guess what — a canal.

After lunch we rode to the the town of Utrecht with more — and lower canals. We had a rest here, ate some treats and drinks and then made our way to the free ferry that would take us to out destination of Vianen.

And then our “home”.

We have been in somewhat of a heatwave — unseasonably warm at 80-87 degrees these last few days. Supposed to cool down tomorrow.

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