Amsterdam on another day

After a most delightful breakfast provided by our hotel, we walked the half hour to the dock to find our boat — The Lena Marie. Our agenda for the day had been for the boat to cruise us to the village of Weesp in the afternoon while we got our bikes fitted and learned about the rules of the Dutch roads. We would then take our short shakedown ride around the village, returning to the dock for the night.

Once we found our boat and boarded, we had our introductions and our meeting with the crew and ride leader to learn all about it. That is when learned of a change in today’s plan. One must be flexible with travel plans no matter who has made them. ;’-). Here in Holland this is a long holiday weekend, and is the first weekend that there has been such beautiful weather (much like at home). That meant that a lot of people were sailing and motoring their little boats all around, taking up all the docking spots. No room for the Lena Marie to dock at our intended place.

Our flexible and resourceful leader, Francine, planned a route near here that would take us, via a free ferry ride, out of town to quiet roads and paths.

But first we took a mid-morning group walk to the Resistance Museum and learned about Amsterdam during WWII. Ralph (tour ownder) grew up in Amsterdam and had lots of stories to tell us about the wartime and how Amsterdam did its best to resist the Nazi forces. 

We leave from the dock and the bow of the Lena Marie faces us.

The walk, the visit to the museum, lunch at the cafe, and the walk back to the boat filled the first half of our day. More views of a canal, the architecture and boats found us ogling along the way.

Francine then took over for our cycling part of the day. We got introduced to the bikes we would use for these ten days and took some practice rides along the dock area. Using flat peals presents a challenge for me as I normally ride with clipless pedals which give me more control on starts and stops. So I struggled all through our shakedown ride with starting from a standstill. Hard to explain but just know that I must improve with time as I cannot get worse.

Our country ride offered some shade on this very hot day, some pastoral riding by the farm animals, and a windmill ;’-)

And to prove I was there or am here …

I will get more photos of the boat inside and out as the week unfolds and show more of its charm.

Tomorrow morning we will have our breakfast as the Captain Tom sails us for about an hour to our next town and our first full day of riding. None of us is disappointed for the change as sailing for an additional time will present its own adventure and pleasure.

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