I’m Out to Lunch (x2)

What a good week I am having! Kathy R came by for a visit, Dorothy stopped in with goodies and flowers from her garden, I got to see Lucy and Kaitlyn perform in their gymnastics demo, I picked up the cane for my next advancement, I met Bill for lunch in Edmonds and met up with most of the Swissies for lunch in Everett! I’m a lucky gal.

Beautiful flowers from Dorothy’s garden.

And on Wednesday I drove for the first time in three weeks! First I had to practice in the garage. How do I get the walker into the car to a place where I will be able to get it out of the car when I get there? And can I do this on my own?

The answer is yes to everything. Now I am an independent driver ;’-)

Practicing with the cane.


Walking by cane to and from the bathroom, I find that I am apparently not quite ready for full time use. There remains a bit too much pain on a lot of weight bearing, so I will continue with the walker and use the cane periodically in the house.

Lunch at the Beach Cafe in Edmonds.

Normally after lunch in Edmonds Bill and I would take a nice walk along the waterfront and through the marina. Well not this time as I am still using the walker. No matter, we had a delightful time together as usual and will be doing our walking at later lunch dates. Bill is my best friend, and his sister Deb once told me that I could share him as a brother. And so I do.

Lunch at Piroshky and Crepes with some of my bicycling buddies. Look at all those beautiful smiles.

This is one of my “hangouts” where I will meet anyone who would like tea & crumpets (or lunch ;’-)). On a regular day I would bike there from home, but once again I loaded up the trusty walker for another driving adventure ;’-). These wonderful friends have been part of my healing battalion, along with many others, with visits, cards, emails, phone calls or texts. I must repeat — I am a lucky gal.

Brenda brought each of us a copy of this important document that she had picked up at the visitor center…

We will see if there is a bike loop to do on this map ;’-). The times they are achangin’.

Getting to watch the two Grands do their gymnastics was a treat for us. I did not take any photos as I was “chair bound”, and Sarah is a bit too busy this week to send me something that she took. I will add photos at a later date.

An update about my healing is that I am healing. I have had a couple of really good, very low pain days, and then a few moderate pain days. That seems to be what the orthopedist told me would be the case. He seems to know his stuff. I remain more upbeat than I thought was possible for me, and I attribute that to all the support, prayers and positive thoughts from so many caring and compassionate friends and family.

I had originally thought that I could transition from the walker to a cane at week 3. Then I was hopeful that would happen in week 4! I did “experiment” a bit at the beginning of week 3 by using the walker like I envisioned using a cane. That was not successful as there was still too much pain in the left, injured, hip area. I suppose it will be week 5!

I reflect back on what the in-hospital ortho told me: do nothing for two weeks; gradually do whatever your pain will allow; let pain be your guide; the second month you can begin LIGHT (he emphasized) work in the gym.

I have followed that (by necessity) right up through now. I was thinking of maybe doing some pool walking and starting that this past weekend (end of week 3). But as I reflect, that is most likely considered “light” exercise and I should more prudently wait until July 1. Or at least June 28!


There’s more…

I had my orthopedist visit today (3 week anniversary of my accident). He was quite thorough, and is the only one who saw this and pointed it out to me —— I have three (3) fractures in that area of the pelvis! THREE! Two of them look much smaller (like little. cracks), but as he said, they are still fractures. The good news he told me, is that my bone mass is good enough to not need hip replacement for 20-40 years!!! Gotta take whatever good I can get!

Things are going ok and I need to continue to take it easy — and no running or jumping. I can manage that. I never do run or jump. ;’-). I can start pool walking whenever I feel up for it. I will wait for probably another week as I still experience pain. I am to keep from putting much pressure on that side so it will continue to heal rather than have any of those fractures “slip” around.

It all makes me feel I should not rush into cane use and should take more time with the walker that allows for less pressure or compression of the area. So I will most likely get the cane when they call, and hold it until later.

He did say that he thinks I will be able to bike in about a month. Here’s hoping that I want to bike again.

Next appointment for xray and visit in 4 weeks.

Outing #1

I know many if not most are not at all interested in my ongoing story of recovery, but writing about it does a few of things for me. It gives me something to do, gets me back into blogging, and reminds me that I am indeed getting better ;’-)

I did have to discard my helmet..

That is the back of the helmet. Had I not been wearing it, the back of my skull would have been the cracked piece!

I am getting stronger every day and am feeling pretty good. I think in a few days we might close up the sick bay on the middle level and use the upstairs bedroom ;’-). I won’t be going up there several times a day, but should be able to go for sleeping and coming down in the morning (with standby until I feel I don’t need it). Might try that on this weekend if not a day or two before.

I see my doc on Friday, and see the orthopedist on Monday. By then I am hopeful I will be able to use a cane rather than the walker. Right now I would not want to do that due to continued pain on weight bearing, but I am getting around quite well and a lot better with the walker than I had been.

But by next week I feel I will be ok to drive to Edmonds to meet Bill for lunch on Wednesday and to meet Cindy for Tea & Crumpets on Thursday. So things are looking up ;’-).

I had my first outing today. I had not planned to join Susan to meet up with Sarah and the Grands at their dentist, and wait for them to be done as Sarah had an early thing at school this morning. Glad I made the almost last minute decision to do so. We did that, drove them to their respective school and day care, took a side trip to Honda for an item they ended up not having right now! So we were out for at lest three hours, I got to, into and out of the van several times and enjoyed the outing.

Quite something to be excited about going to the Children’s Dentist.

Susan says it was a good confidence builder and I now know I can do that. She’s right. Also, I can see now how people who get injured want to stay in and and then become somewhat of a recluse. Not for me, but it does take energy to get yourself together and get out there in the world.

Inside the dental office is like a jungle.

We did not get a a very good photo of the Grands, but it was grand to see them ;’-)… Even if Jaydon insisted on wearing the fake teeth, Kaitlyn was crouched down to the floor, and Lucy had her back to the camera. But look at me — down on one knee and not holding onto the walker ;’-)

Jaydon was quite cute when he asked when I would be able to bike. I said probably in August and he said, whoa that’s a long time!! Then we talked about the Willapa bike campout coming up next weekend and I said yes, I was going with them but would not be able to ride. He said, that’s going to be really hard! Sensitive kid.

Will have another outing tomorrow, maybe another post about that later ;’-). I am so glad to be feeling a bit more up than I had been for a day or two. No doubt that I will be down again, but that may not happen for a while because I will be too busy ;’-).

The Novelty Has Worn Off …. and so have the drugs

After reading my blog the other day, my friend Jeanne emailed that I seemed “remarkably upbeat”. I attribute that to perhaps the novelty of the event, and the oxycodone I had been taking for pain ;’-).

Things have changed a bit.

A few people have asked how I am doing, so I thought I would do just a little update.

I am still waiting for that orthopedist referral!! Must call AGAIN tomorrow about that. I continue to need the walker for walking and getting around, but am able to get up onto two feet on my own without using the walker. Since they actually had to teach me how to use a walker, I wonder if they will have to teach me how to use a cane.

I’m getting stronger every day, but from my perspective it is not fast enough. The novelty has worn off. I started taking less pain meds and at first that was apparently too much less (is that even possible?). Anyway, I added some back into my day but at a lesser dose. Now I take one only at night to assist me to sleep. That seems to be all I need at this time.

Now that I am taking so little, I have been feeling a little down — or as I say — sad. So the drugs have somewhat worn off too. Depression has not hit and I feel I can keep that at bay by having a few upcoming outings to look forward to. I will save those for another post as there is little for me to post about these days!

Today’s big event… another Shower. YAY!

And this time I made it up and down the stairs with only standby as I scooted on my butt the whole way with no problem. I could not even consider doing that this past Tuesday, so I guess progress is actually happening.

Getting ready — winding up…

Oh, happy success….

Now I must stand up from sitting on the floor at the top…

I did it!!!

I am more able to do things that I could not do just a few days ago (in addition to the butt scoot): make my bed; heat & pour my tea; empty the dishwasher; fix my breakfast. At least I feel I have relieved Susan of a few of the chores she has been saddled with, though she still has to carry things for me.

That about brings everyone up to date.

New Socks!

Just as I had replied to a comment that I may need to replace some of my whimsical knee socks, look what Brenda brought me…

Cindy and Brenda, my good biking buddies, stopped by for visiting and we had a grand couple of hours. Cindy brought lunch for us all and Brenda brought dinner for Susan and me. I was glad that Susan was home for this visit and she enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Somewhere in the conversation, the discussion turned to exercise. Brenda mentioned the Hula Hoop. That’s all we needed…

You will note that Brenda is in a “boot” for her left foot. She had a severe break of her ankle and had complex surgery eight weeks ago. She went from a cast and near no mobility to knee scooter and now to crutches. She I were quite the pair today!!

Not to be outdone, Cindy took a “turn” at hooping and did a fantastic show. Susan did not get into the friendly exhibition. but she was the one who brought out the bigger weighted hoop that is supposedly “easier” for adults to master! I cannot put much weight on my left leg yet so I could not try it. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

A most wonderful afternoon!

Broken Pelvis 5

CHAPTER 5: Mending but not Mended


My world consists of living room, through the kitchen and to the bathroom! My movement consists of doing the route by walker walking; getting in and out of bed; doing 10 minute 3 times a day in-bed PT exercises; lying in bed or sitting in chair. It’s a small world after all!

Entertainment for both me and Susan has mainly been the Women’s College World Championship Softball Tournament. I am not a big follower of softball, or many other sports really, but with the UW in the tournament and making it all the way to the finals, it has been fun. And it has kept Susan happy ;’-).

I am not “at a run”, but walker walking has improved a lot since day one! However, with the pain I feel in that (injured) hip area when putting any weight on it, I have no real idea how I will transition to the next step — a cane. Patience!


I am much stronger to have made it up AND down those 10 steps for the shower. Of course, I was one step with each foot before trying the next one, and with the folded walker for one side stability, the railing for the other side, and Susan behind me for back up!!! I came down the steps in reverse so to keep the (folded) walker on the correct side.

Phew! With all the help, I made it and I feel so refreshed, to say nothing of clean ;’-). Successful shower on this the first day of the second week.

The next thing is to follow up about the referral for orthopedist visit that did not happen as we were told it would. It is a maze and a battle to get continual care and to get each entity to communicate with the other.

Now that I have most likely managed to bore my readers with all this information (and very few photos), I will call these chapters to a close even though I may do some update pages later. I am on the mend now and will continue to search out the patience I need to get to the better end ;’-).

END CHAPTER 5 and The “Book”

Broken Pelvis 4

CHAPTER 4: Friends and Family are everything

Fortunately I don’t have to rely on the the kindness of strangers. I get tons of help from Susan and lots of encouragement and support from friends and family.

Susan’s sister Mary and her partner Phil stopped by for a visit on the way to an appointment in Edmonds. They live in Eastern Washington in the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth. We have spent many wonderful weekends and weeks there and they have invited us to come do some recuperating there when I am up for it. Sounds like just the ticket for us!

I have had many warm, loving and encouraging words from friends and family — by phone, by text, by visits, by cards and by email. I am a lucky gal to have all these loving people in my life.

Yesterday (Monday) marked one week ago that my crash happened. I know I am getting stronger every day, but I do have some back slides sometimes. Fortunately that back and hip worry is now gone (no or very slight pain there at times), but a new pain or an old one peeks out for some attention and it bugs me. My major “mantra” from everyone is “patience — you have had a trauma”. Patience has never been my strong point, but this incident is forcing that upon me.

As I have been healing this past week, I have surprised myself by not getting “depressed” for not being able to do any activity — especially bicycling. I haven’t even had a desire to look at my bike. I’m sure that has to be because I am not ready and have no real inkling that I want to do anything outdoors — especially walker walking! My body is not ready so my mind must be accommodating!

Here is my Healing Room!!

I sleep on one side and “work” on the other ;’-).

Our house is tri-level with bedrooms upstairs. Susan has set up the middle level for my healing days. It has everything but a shower. I have had a few “sponge baths” and am feeling near ready to (with Susan’s strong assist) brave the stairs up to the shower. Will let you now how that goes!